Anonymous asked:

Do nudists support public sex? if so i want to be a nudist

That’s a big NO! Nudists do not support public sex! But personally I believe that any sexual act is ten times better and more enjoyable outside! Be it sex or self-pleasure (Masturbation)!

I think if you do have sex or masturbate outside you must do it in a secluded spot out of view and out of earshot of the public because what might be and feel great for you no one else will feel the same if they see you or hear you doing the do! Nudism and sexuality run together and there’s no way to escape it. It’s just there, but the ability to control your desire in a public setting is really easy but it can also be hard sometimes. If you are a nudist or want to be one and you find yourself in a position to have sexual pleasure without hurting anyone which means that nobody is around and you know nobody will be around then do it!

I want to make clear though that I am not saying “go have sex on a nude beach for everyone to see” I’m saying if you want to experience one of the most joyful things in life outside go off the beaten trail and find yourself a nice secluded spot far away from the public and indulge in a natural act of life in the most natural environment. This is all my opinion, some, if not nearly all nudists will completely disagree with me but that’s there opinion. 

This a very controversial subject to which I will direct you and anyone else to this Tumblr: Love Freeda Nude that covers such subjects! 

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